"I can rely on what i get from Ennova. They give our cx work the stamp of quality"

- Morten Bach Jensen, Group V.P. Group Marketing, Grundfos

Stamp of quality

Morten Bach Jensen, Group Vice President, Group Marketing, Grundfos


"I can rely on what I get from Ennova. They support me in the process and give work involving customer satisfaction the stamp of quality."


"Systematic survey of customer loyalty across 60 countries, and identifying how we could create tools to indicate our current status and what we need to do better to achieve best practice."


"I would ask my network four things: Do you have a diagnostics tool? A tool that can be used as a starting point for customer dialogue? Do you have a tool that transforms the customer survey results into actions? And which can support the difficult journey of putting customer satisfaction on the agenda? If not, I think you should turn to Ennova."



Grundfos used our Customer Relation Survey at a strategic level to get insights into their customer loyalty. With this solution Grundfos got tools on how to achieve best practice. The Customer Relation Survey is designed to provide you with the high-quality, actionable insights you need. It is easy to set-up and run and lets you get started swiftly and with a minimum of effort. Our concepts are easy to scale globally if you need both local and global insights.

Qualify your CX efforts

We help you prioritize and optimize your strategy and implementation of your customer experience improvements.