Do you too often experience uncoordinated leadership team meetings with unproductive discussions and unclear agreements?
Does your leadership team experience difficulties finding common ground and setting a clear direction?
Does your leadership team have a hard time executing fast and agilely enough?

Develop leadership team efficiency

33 % of time spent in meetings in the leadership team is perceived as unproductive and a waste of time. The effectiveness of executive teams is of great importance for the organizational efficiency and commitment of both employees and managers. A strong, cooperating executive team is crucial for the cooperation across functions, as well as for the implementation and execution of the company's overall strategy.

At Ennova we help improve your leadership team’s efficiency and strengthen their ability to produce shared Direction, Alignment and Commitment (DAC). This ensures a truly operational focus from the beginning and helps the team members
Direction: Agree on engaging and clear common objectives and tasks for the team
Alignment: Ensure the right match of the shared direction with collaboration, processes and organizational structures
Commitment: Take shared responsibility for common objectives and agree and the how, when and about what the team does to involve the organization in order to get everyone onboard

Leadership team assessment

Measure the efficiency of your leadership team

Our approach to the efficiency and development of leadership teams is based on research showing that leadership team success depends on the team’s ability to establish a shared Direction, Alignment and Commitment (DAC) as starting point for generating results.
As a leadership team, you gain insight into your ability to produce shared DAC. The survey provides you with a data-based shortcut to understand your leadership team’s strengths and development points. The results are thus a solid foundation for the upcoming development process.

In close cooperation, Ennova and UKON have developed a leadership team efficiency survey based on among other things UKON’s PhD research project regarding the development of effective leadership teams (by Anders Trillingsgaard). Combined we unite market leading expertise within organizational surveying with profound leadership experience and senior consultancy profiles.

Leadership Team Training

Considering the leadership team’s starting point and the organization’s goals, we design a development program addressing the identified challenges (e.g. based on the Leadership Team Assessment). E.g. a Leadership Team Development course consist of:

  • Workshop introducing framework and methods – discuss the concrete strengths and development points of the leadership team in question
  • A Leadership & Team Development consultant participate in a leadership team meeting. The team receive feedback on their leadership practice + obtain tangible tips and tricks for development
  • Individual coaching. Possibility for each leadership team member to address own challenges and receive feedback on own behavior
  • Help design and facilitate meetings and discussions with employees in order to leverage DAC

When you create a common understanding of the team's strengths and challenges, ensure that topics that are not otherwise discussed are addressed, and show your personal commitment, you are already well on the way towards becoming a cooperating team.

HR Business Partner Training

Drive organizational competitiveness and create value for employees and organization

By combining data, relevant tools and processes we help train your HR organization to position itself as preferred partner to drive change and deliver business results. A highly effective execution setup for easy deployment and scale ensures both local and global reach through a combination of on-site and virtual training.

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Fast Track - Accelerated leadership development

Fast Track

Accelerated leadership development

Fast Track is our accelerated leadership development approach for your leaders who receive a low score or need support to develop in their leadership role. Combining coaching sessions with in between applying and practicing new learning, Fast Track improves the personal leadership quality and supports the follow-up process within a short time frame. By involving immediate manager and HR you are ensured optimal impact, alignment and support.

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Learn more about our Leadership & Team Development

We help HR and senior management improve leadership based on data and proven insights. We support your organization in the follow-up. We conduct training and workshops and help enable change in low scoring units. Furthermore, we help you address organizational issues uncovered in the survey with consulting services tailored to the specific situation.
Ennova team development

Team Development

Good teamwork is a prerequisite for both well-being and the ability to create results in the organization.

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Ennova Leadership development

Leadership Development

Let us help you combine data insights and leadership development activities to deliver tangible results.

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Ennova HR Business Partner Training

HR Business Partner Training

We help train your HR organization to position itself as preferred partner to drive change and deliver business results.

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We feel taken care of and Ennova knows us. And we've had a good dialogue throughout the process, both with the project manager and the consultants. As an example, we have already started making a schedule for this year's measurement in the fall. Ennova is very responsive to our wishes.

- Lene Mertins, HR Manager KOMMUNE KREDIT


One of the deciding factors in choosing Ennova was the platform. It's very usable and easy to navigate. You can sort data pretty much any way you want and make extracts directly from the platform.

- Helle D. Smedegaard, Head of Customer Care Aftersales FREDERICIA FURNITURE


I can rely on what I get from Ennova. They give our CX work the stamp of quality

- Morten Bach Jensen, Group Vice President, Group Marketing, Grundfos


Ennova challenges us on our expectations. They always give us the best and most relevant advice.

- Trine Neimann-Platz, Vice President of Strategy, Sustainability & Norway, Kvadrat


Ennova has been a highly professional business partner that has given us confidence from start to finish.

- Morten Sommerfeldt, Communications Manager, Industriens Pension


The individual focus of Ennova's Fast Track program is unique, because it gave our leaders some very useful tools.

- Mette Vistisen, Vice President People & Organization, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment


Ennova has certainly helped us be able to work in a focused way with initiatives that make a difference in the organization.

- Tina Thomsen, HR Director, Synoptik


The data that we are provided has always been correct, delivered on time, and presented in a way that is easy to understand. 

- Lars Veber Mygland, Program Manager Global Sales & Customer Excellence, FOSS


Ennova understood our concerns and helped us redefine the survey

- An Beullens, HR Manager Corporate, Azelis


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