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"Ennova has given us an insight into the potential for topline growth in our markets"

- Mads Nygård, Sr. V.P. Strategy & HR, Kvadrat

Increasing customer-centrism throughout the organization

Mads Nygård, Senior Vice President, Strategy & HR, Kvadrat


"The survey from Ennova has given us an insight into the potential for topline growth in our markets."


"We are working on increasing customer-centrism throughout the organization. The customer questionnaire should help to pinpoint our strengths, where we need to improve in future, and what drives customer preferences in our various brands and product categories."


"We chose Ennova to ensure that the survey was action-oriented and we could work on it at a detailed level.

Ennova has made sure that the message is easy to present. The reports are clear to everyone in the organization creating a common understanding of the customers. At the same time, everyone can now see how their function creates customer value, which creates a feeling of fellowship and pride about the good results."

Increase your customer-centrism

We make sure that every part of your organization knows how to contribute, and we strengthen your collaboration in the efforts to deliver great customer experiences.