Next level NPS: Customer-Centricity Fuels Business Transformation

In a four-year partnership, IMI Hydronic Engineering (IMI HE) joined forces with Ennova to modernize its Net Promoter Score (NPS) process and system. This alliance improved IMI HE's NPS procedures, leading to a remarkable surge in IMI HE's response rates and a consistent improvement in the quality of services and products offered to customers.

The challenge: An outdated NPS process and system

IMI HE had dealt with a considerable challenge in its customers’ data gathering due to its outdated NPS process. A reliance on manual data entry into Excel resulted in extended data analysis timelines, with results only emerging months after the survey's conclusion.

This delay hindered IMI HE's capacity to address negative feedback promptly and enhance its customer satisfaction. Additionally, the NPS system operated in isolation from the IMI HE’s internal processes, rendering effective feedback analysis and integration a complex undertaking.

Compounding this challenge was the low response rate faced by IMI HE, barely exceeding 1%. This added to their NPS difficulties as results were not fully representative of their customers’ sentiments. The process of selecting contacts proved to be labour-intensive, demanding months of preparation, and surveys could only be distributed one language at a time, causing unwarranted delays and limiting outreach due to resource constraints.


The solution: A proven framework with increasing efficiency

Ennova's CX solution was a catalyst for IMI HE. Boasting an array of features, by 2023, the framework facilitated the simultaneous deployment of NPS surveys across 30 countries and languages – making the process of collecting data much more automated and efficient, unlocking the potential of an increased sample.

Ennova CX streamlined the contact selection process, seamlessly integrating with IMI HE's CRM system, resulting in enhanced efficiency. In the realm of data analysis, Ennova's CX solution harnessed the capabilities of artificial intelligence to perform sentiment analysis of customer comments, offering real-time insights accessible to every salesperson.

Furthermore, introducing a standardized survey set-up simplified the design and benchmarking process by Ennova, whilst the fully automated real-time follow-up notification system significantly enhanced responsiveness.


The result: Elevated customer satisfaction through precise and current data

The IMI HE's implementation of Ennova’s solution has ushered in a new era for the company, significantly amplifying the value of its client feedback.

The NPS surveys reached out to 27,000 of its customers – an improvement from the 1,000 contacts reached through their previous process. Furthermore, the solution achieved an impressive 3% response rate within 24 hours. This expansion led to a wealth of robust and precise data, enabling IMI HE to act swiftly on timely and actionable feedback globally and locally, thereby substantially elevating customer satisfaction.

Integrating the Ennova CX solution with the internal CRM system ensured the real-time synchronisation of survey results and customer information, providing sales representatives with a comprehensive, one-stop-shop overview of their clientele. Thereby, the solution also resulted in a reinforcement of a customer-centric focus in the company.

Ennova's innovative and comprehensive CX solution masterfully addressed the challenges faced by IMI HE. It orchestrated a transformation of its NPS process, ushering in an era of improved data collection and analysis and ultimately resulting in heightened customer satisfaction. This partnership stands as a testament to the power of visionary collaborations in achieving remarkable business transformations.


Thomas Hudson            

Thomas Hudson, Divisional Salesforce & NPS Manager, IMI Hydronic Engineering



IMI Hydronic Engineering: An innovative and industry-leading global company

IMI HE is a global HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) company providing innovative, energy-efficient connected solutions for buildings. IMI HE has 1,800 employees and has provided solutions to more than 100,000 projects worldwide, making it an industry-leading provider of high-quality HVAC solutions.


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