Jyske Bank


Steen Elmedal Hansen, HR Learning and Leadership, Jyske Bank


"Our focus with the Employee Survey is to ensure that it has a positive effect for both employees and managers.

The opportunity to have a development-oriented and trust-based dialogue in the departments, with a strong and scientific basis, is paramount to us. At the same time, it is important that the entire process fits and reinforces our value-based management style.

At the group level, the abundant data from the survey provides great opportunities to carry out theme-based, qualitative analyses. This has yielded a number of new and particularly useful insights – and thus the opportunity to initiate new focused activities – with both a short and long-term focus.

Ennova has guided us all the way. We could see that they are good at what they do, and they managed the project safely to its conclusion, with a strong sense for both the strategic and operational elements of the survey.

Apart from providing competent project management, they were also open to our ideas. This meant that we got a solution that is adapted to our needs. During the process, we have had a great communication with Ennova, and it has been a fruitful cooperation.

We are absolutely convinced that the work with the Employee Survey makes Jyske Bank an even better workplace – thus generating value for customers, employees, as well as stakeholders."

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