Driving engagement with tailored insights

“Shell has carried out the employee engagement survey for decades, and it is a high priority in our business. Our people are central to the delivery of our strategy. Through employee engagement, we can improve performance at the individual, team and organisational levels.

We wanted to take employee engagement to the next level, so we looked for a survey platform that could drive engagement further. In addition, we wanted our provider to support our movement towards a more evidence-based HR. Ennova’s services, methodology and approach were a perfect fit for these goals.”

Action-oriented feedback

“Ennova introduced advanced people analytics in the survey results delivery, and all of our reports include a unique and tailored analysis of the impact of different areas on the team’s engagement. One of the reasons we chose Ennova was because the analyses were based on a very well researched methodology compared to other survey providers in the market.

The feedback in the reports is still easy to understand, it is action-oriented and gives relevant recommendations based on the specific analyses.

As an example, our retail business in downstream was happy with the look and feel of the way the results were presented. In particular, the impact on engagement-analysis in the reports was very powerful, helping retail to focus their efforts on improving engagement further.”

Global executive briefings on results

“Ennova developed and delivered executive presentations, where the team brought strategic perspectives along with additional analysis and findings. Our executive team received more insights into the overall movements on engagement, differences among countries and other areas. With Ennova’s setup, we can track the implementation of strategic business challenges through our employee survey.

In addition to the executive presentations, Ennova conducted global online briefings for HR and managers preparing them for the work ahead.

In general, Ennova’s analyses have been a revelation to many in our company, helping them to find strategic people insights, so they can improve engagement and performance.”

Excellent project management

“It has also been very important for us to have a vendor that could keep up with the pace of the many changes in our large organization, while still adhering to the project timelines. The global project management has been excellent. Because the team has been so organized, they have been able to handle any changes that have come their way.

The team always comes well prepared and does the groundwork ahead of time. The project managers bring their expertise on what works well and Ennova challenges us on our assumptions, but they do it in a respectful way so we value this thought leadership very much.

Ennova is a very professional vendor, and it is a great partner to our business.”

- Esther Bongenaar, Former VP HR Data and Analytics, Shell




About Shell

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with an average of 86,000 employees in more than 70 countries. Shell uses advanced technologies and takes an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy future.


Drive your engagement with tailored insights

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