"Ørsted's employee engagement score has now increased for four years in a row!"

Four consecutive years of improvement

The challenge: Navigating in a transformation period

During the last decade, Ørsted (formerly known as DONG Energy) has undergone tremendous change. They have become a public company and have made a strategic transformation from black to green energy, which included a divestment in their oil and gas production, thus saying goodbye to co-workers. Finally, they have changed the corporate name and identity.

All these changes has made it vital for Ørsted to know exactly how the employees feel and how to keep them engaged on this challenging journey.

The solution: From survey set-up to tailored recommendations

Ennova has helped Ørsted build an engagement survey set-up that makes it possible for them to take decisive corrective actions and make progress in the middle of a transformation period.

Tailored recommendations on both team and executive level based on solid people analytics guide Ørsted to make the right prioritizations. Furthermore, a separate project management survey deals with Ørsted’s complex matrix structure. To keep focus and get things done, an intelligent follow-up survey that only addresses the individual and relevant actions from team to team motivates managers to keep working. Finally, Ennova has helped Ørsted with the development of a red flag-concept to help support the lowest performing managers and set realistic targets based on Ennova’s big data analysis and knowledge.

The result: An increase in employee engagement for more than 4 years in a row

With equally hard work from Ørsted and recommendations from Ennova on the most valuable actions, Ørsted’s employee engagement score has now increased for four years in a row. Moreover, the frequent survey set-up actually has resulted in an increase in those teams that were not performing at Ørsted standards. Ørsted are now part of Ennova’s top quartile benchmark and way beyond the engagement level of the local labor markets in which they operate. Now, Ørsted also has a clear picture of how the leadership system works and thus may continue with confidence on their journey to make a world that runs entirely on green energy.

Ørsted: A leading company in sustainability

Ørsted develops, constructs and operates offshore wind farms, bioenergy plants and innovative waste-to-energy solutions and provides smart energy products to its customers. Ørsted employs 5,600 people in Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Malaysia, USA, Taiwan, and is headquartered in Denmark.

Ørsted is the most sustainable energy company in the world and fourth most sustainable company overall in the Global 100 index.

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