A deeper insight into member satisfaction and an important benchmark

With a goal of being among the pension companies with the greatest member satisfaction, Industriens Pension needed a member survey that could give them a comprehensive picture and ensure results that could be used strategically and, not least, for taking active measures in the work going forward.

Better insight into member satisfaction

As part of their future strategy, Industriens Pension wanted to create even greater member satisfaction. To do this, they needed a survey that involved as many of their members as possible which covered the full customer journey, says Communications Manager at Industriens Pension, Morten Sommerfeldt.

“We weren't sure just how satisfied our customers really were with us, so we needed a single comprehensive study involving more than the 600–700 customers we had surveyed up to that point. A large, wide-reaching study helps us find out whether or not we are on the right path and shows us where there is room for more improvement.”

Ennova conducted a member survey involving about 4,000 member responses, and with such a large amount of data, the survey formed a solid foundation on which to base future business development at Industriens Pension.

An important benchmark

Ennova’s study was based on an industry-specific framework of questions with a few additional customer-adapted questions. This structure gave Industriens Pension unique insight into where they were positioned in relation to other financial institutions and pension funds, says Morten Sommerfeldt.

“The industry-specific questions gave us a benchmark in relation to other pension companies, and it allowed us to assess whether or not we were in a satisfactory position in the market."

In addition to a specific benchmark, the analysis also gave us – most importantly – in-depth insight into some of the pension fund's more specific services, which was a unique tool to develop and improve the various services that the pension fund offers. All this with focus on Industriens Pension's goal of providing the best member experience.

3 central value-adding results

On the background of Ennova’s 30 years of experience with customer surveys for both big and small companies, we have been able to define these three results, which we see play out in the large majority of companies who have Ennova conduct customer surveys for them.


Customer surveys also help influence the culture that exists within the company. When you can use the customer's voice to quantify and qualify the customer experience, it is much easier to establish a common reference framework for the customer experience.
There is also a clear link between customers’ opinion of the company and the effect on the bottom line. That is why many companies choose to follow up systematically on the critical customer feedback, so they can repair the relationship before the customer leaves.


Valuable cooperation

According to Morten Sommerfeldt, it has been very valuable to get more in-depth insight into the company's member satisfaction and adds that Industriens Pension has benefited tremendously from the cooperation with Ennova, which he also believes has been very rewarding.

“Our experience has been that Ennova has been a highly professional business partner that has given us confidence from start to finish. The have been in control of the process, the project's sub elements, and we have gotten regular sparring and reconciled expectations.”

Therefore, there is no doubt in Morten Sommerfeldt’s mind what he would say if other companies ask about the quality of Ennova’s work.

“I would highly recommend Ennova to others. I am certain we will work with them again the next time we need a similar member survey.”

- Morten Sommerfeldt, Communications Manager, Industriens Pension





As part of the future strategy in Industriens Pension, they wanted to create even greater member satisfaction. Therefore, they used our Customer Relation Survey. This survey is designed to provide you with the high-quality, actionable insights you need. It is easy to set-up and run and lets you get started swiftly and with a minimum of effort. Our concepts are easy to scale globally if you need both local and global insights.


About Industriens Pension

With over 400,000 members and about 8,000 companies that pay into the pension fund, Industriens Pension is one of Denmark's largest pension companies. Industriens Pension is a pension company for wage earners in production and the food industry, and the company currently has approximately 200 employees. The company is located centrally in Copenhagen.


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