guide + templates: how to create the best customer survey

Author - Anders Hansen Warming. Chief Revenue Officer

Many organizations could easily benefit from having a greater focus on the process before, during and after conducting their customer survey. Because it is a waste of time, energy and resources if you do not get the maximum output of your customer survey. In this guide you will get unique templates and helpful insights on these 3 very important and often underestimated processes to make sure you get as much out of your survey as possible. 

Conducting your Customer Survey is about much more than just the survey - it is about maximizing the processes before, during and after the survey.

If these processes are well executed and with great thoroughness, your efforts with the customer survey will inevitably lead to valuable insights that - if you act on them - will make you (even more) customer-centric in your interactions with customers. 


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Download the guide to get the detailed insights and unique templates that you can use in the processes. This article will just briefly introduce you to the 3 key processes you should master in a successful customer survey.   

1. before: prepare both your organization and your customers 

It is very important for the outcome of your survey, that you prioritize preparing both your organization and your customers for the coming survey. 

With the right preparation, you are setting the scene and taking responsibility for your survey before it is conducted, which has a positive effect on the perception of the survey when it is released. 

A professional preparation of both customers and your organization itself increases the number of participations by a factor 1.5-2.0x

Download the guide to see how to:

1) Prepare your customers before the survey. We give you an effective template with all necessary information to share with your customers.  

2) Prepare your organization before the survey with our recommendation for specific actions to practice. You also get a template to use in your internal communication to stakeholders.  

2. during: maximize paricipants and customer feedback

At this moment your data collection has just started - or is about to shortly. Here it is very important that you get as many customers to share their feedback as possible. That will give you the best starting point to improve your customer experiences afterwards.  

Download the guide to see what you can do to increase your customer participation and thereby maximize your customer feedback. 

3. after: follow up and act on your new customer insights

Now your data collection is done. The results are in, and it is time understand the customer feedback in depth and make the conclusions you need. With the defined conclusions you can begin launching actions that will help you improve your customer experiences based on your new and fresh customer insights. 

Download the guide and see how to: 

1) Recover your customers-at-risk.

2) Draw conclusions on your insights. 

3) Define and prioritize your actions and follow up. 


Download guide to the 3 key processes you should master 

Download the guide now and make sure that you maximize your customer survey next time by getting the best possible customer insights that will help improve your customer experiences. 


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Anders Hansen Warming. Chief Revenue Officer

Anders Hansen Warming. Chief Revenue Officer

Anders advises some of Ennova’s largest customers on customer feedback surveys. With his holistic approach, Anders has a sharp focus on holistic solutions that contribute to achieving the desired effect at the operational, tactical and strategic level.