Customer Experience Consulting: Elevate your CX with expert help

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Customer Experience Consulting is a powerful tool to elevate your business performance with the assistance of true experts in the field of Customer Experience. Learn more about the discipline and its areas of use, the benefits of the approach, and when you should hire a customer experience consultant. 

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What is Customer Experience Consulting?

Customer Experience Consulting is a discipline within the field of Customer Experience. Here, CX experts assist organizations in enhancing their customer experience through strategic advice, workshops, and training – supported by a thorough analysis of customer and market data.

Providing good customer experiences and ensuring great customer relations is key to success and enhanced business performance. You can learn more about the importance of customer experience here.


What is the role of the customer experience consultant?

Customer Experience Consultants are sparring partners for organizations that need assistance in improving their customer experience. They are experts in analyzing, strategizing, and implementing changes, all aimed at enhancing various facets of the customer experience.

By considering your organization’s needs, the CX consultant identifies the sweet spot between data insights and end goals. Basically, the customer experience consultants excel in creating a customized process that aligns with your needs and the overall business strategy.


The benefits of customer experience consulting

There are multiple benefits associated with customer experience consulting. It’s an umbrella tool that can be used in many different areas to improve your performance within the field of CX.

For example, customer experience consulting can identify potential pain points in your customer journey that aren’t being met now. It can also help you ensure a sustainable implementation of customer insights – and in general, a more strategic and data-driven approach to working with customer experience.


four examples of customer experience consulting

To make it even more straightforward to understand how CX consulting can help your business, here are four concrete examples of customer experience consulting cases:

  1. Customer journey mapping: Get help mapping your customer journey, identifying weak spots, gaps and potential fallout points – thereby enhancing your performance.

  2. Employee training: Have experts facilitate employee training and workshops with the aim of empowering your employees with the necessary skills to deliver the best customer experiences.

  3. Prioritizing of customer promises: Get help defining and prioritizing your customer promises through mapping of the most crucial customer promises along the customer journey.

  4. Implementing best practice KPIs: Get expert advice on implementing the most relevant KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your customer experience work.

These are just some of the methods with which you can use customer experience consulting to improve and optimize your customer experience. The question then is, when do you know whether you should hire an expert to help do the work? If you aren’t sure, we’ve got you covered:


When should you hire a customer experience consultant?

So, when should you hire a Customer Experience Consultant? What are the symptoms you should be aware of to know when it’s time to reach out for external help? It is difficult to give an exact answer since Customer Experience Consulting can be useful in many situations with varying degrees of severity.

If you observe a declining trend in customer engagement and conversions, utilizing CX consulting can be a great solution. But you can also use it in a more preventive way. For example, CX consulting is a good starting point, when you want to grow your business, but don’t know where to begin.

Overall, customer experience consulting is a useful way of implementing a more strategic approach to working with customer experience in your organization. It creates a basis for a customer-centric approach, where your customer data is utilized in a sustainable and constructive way – ultimately leading to an increase in customer satisfaction, and thereby also in business performance.


Before hiring a CX consultant: Optimization steps you can take yourself

Of course, there are also some steps you can take on your own to optimize your customer experience before hiring a customer experience consultant. They include strategies such as personalization and focusing on easy access to interaction.

Learn more in our guide to customer experience optimization.


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