Employee Experience Insights

Stephanie Semay Bäckström & Lærke Gelineck Berg

Start giving and receiving feedback that will make you a better leader

Many leaders are not good with feedback, and this inhibits learning and development in the organization. The good news is that feedback is...

Employee Experience - Søren Smit. Director

Establish the foundation: This is how your company gets to be the best at employee experience

Where on the agenda does employee experience (EX) rank in your company?...

Employee Experience - Søren Smit. Director

Familiarize yourself with the most important EX concepts

There are many terms and conceptual frameworks being used within the EX...

Employee Experience -, HR - Morten Hartvig Berg, Head of Employee Experience & Insights

Get the insights from Ennova's HR Survey 2019

Ennova's HR Survey 2019 examines some of the most important current trends...


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