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Author - Stephanie Semay Bäckström

Regardless of whether you are a manager of a manager with a low engagement score, an HR partner or a coaching consultant, it is always relevant to work with the extent of the manager’s self-motivation and to be aware of how and where a very low score affects the manager on a personal level.

A low score will most likely affect the managers motivation going forward.

To fix the low score, the manager should be very motivated to implement a change. Therefore, you can focus on three different areas:

  1. Enlighten: is it certain that the manager has understood the results of the measurement and what they mean to him/her?
  2. Encourage: discover what motivates the manager. What values does the manager want to represent? What kind of manager does the person want to be?
  3. Enable: when the manager feels motivated, the manager should also be able to carry out the necessary changes. For instance, this requires the right competences in being able to participate in a dialog with his/her employees.

The manager’s own self motivation is critical to generating change, and it’s a fact that coaching as an approach to the feedback process leads to improved results with the manager (and the manager’s team).

Watch the video to see Jesper’s and Stephanie’s explanation of how you can help managers with low scores move forward.

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Stephanie Semay Bäckström

Stephanie Semay Bäckström

Stephanie Bäckström is Director, Leadership & Team Development. She works with organizational development, evaluation, process consulting, coaching and creativity management.