You answered an engagement survey, so what now?

Author - Ennova

When you respond to an engagement survey, it is natural that you will start to reflect on your own engagement. Are you happy, frustrated, what is going well and what could be even better? Does management take the subject seriously, and did previous survey results receive the proper follow-up?

HR, top management and the immediate manager are among those who generate good employee experience and thus high job satisfaction. They have a major responsibility for establishing optimal frameworks for good satisfaction and motivation. However, you and your team also have a big responsibility because you influence your own satisfaction and motivation as well as the satisfaction of your colleagues. For example:

  • As an employee, you decide your attitude when you show up to work. For instance, you could decide to change something that is causing bad employee experience, rather than spending time talking about how bad something is working.
  • Remember, you have great influence on your colleagues’ experiences and satisfaction. If you show up at work angry, the negativity rubs off on the whole team, while a positive and constructive energy helps the rest of the team have a great day.
  • You have a responsibility to the team’s workflow. If a colleague who is concentrating on a task is disturbed, it will take time before they can get back on track. This is a delicate balance since there should be room for chatting and fun during the course of the work day.

Consider which reflections and subjects related to satisfaction from the latest engagement survey would make sense to bring up at your next 1:1 interviews or Personal Development Dialogue meetings with your immediate manager. For example, it could be subjects such as current tasks and cooperation with the immediate manager, but also personal and professional development.

If you are to have a dialog about your engagement results with your team, you could consider some good proposals for what you could do differently. This could consist of relevant team subjects, such as collaboration, feedback, knowledge sharing, etc.

Other subjects you could consider before your dialog concerning the engagement result:

  • Help the manager and the team by being constructive and solution-oriented
  • Offer good, simple initiatives that can be implemented tomorrow
  • Consider volunteering as the person responsible for some of these initiatives
  • Provide good advice for the process. Should the team, for example, set a goal for the next survey result, including identifying the initiatives that allow you to achieve the goal? Or do you need to set engagement on the agenda regularly at your department meetings?
Enjoy your ongoing work!


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