Quick Guide: 8 steps to improve your Employee Experience in year 1

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The quick guide “8 steps to successful Employee Experience in year 1” breaks down the huge Employee Experience field into 8 practical steps to follow in year 1 towards improved employee experience in your organization. Download now and start improving your employee experiences that differentiate your organization from your competitors.

We can all agree that satisfied and loyal employees are a better asset than disengaged and disloyal employees, right? But up until now, transforming your Employee Experience may have seemed unmanageable, given the countless different areas where you could start – maybe you have kept a distance to the field all this time. That is why this guide is essential for you. 

start improving your employee experiences now

This guide exclusively focuses on year 1 of your transformation. We hope that these 8 steps will make your work with employee experiences more manageable - and improved! 

If you want (even more) satisfied and loyal employees in your organization, getting started with your Employee Experience (EX) transformation is a necessary first step. Transforming your EX is a journey that may never end but it will constantly bring your organization closer to mastering this function. 

8 steps to improve your employee experience

To get off to a good start and generate the momentum you need, we recommend prioritizing the following 8 steps for year 1 of your employee experience transformation. With these 8 steps, you should be able to get the EX-ball rolling in your organization. 

See a brief introduction to the first 3 out of 8 steps that we recommend you to follow if you want to improve your employee experience. Download the guide to see all 8 steps in details. 

1. Get your CEO and executiVes on board

If you want to work with improving your employee experiences on a strategic level, the absolute first thing to do is to get your CEO and executive team on board. Spending time securing a complete EX buy-in from your CEO and other executives is critical, because a successful EX transformation can only start and end in one place: with the organization’s top executives. If the transformation is not rooted here, it will be difficult to take the employee experience to new heights. 


Guide: How to improve your Employee Experiences in year 1


To get EX on the strategic agenda, you need rational arguments and economic facts in your dialogue with the CEO. Download the guide to see how to show the relationship between EX, CX, and the top and bottom lines using your organization’s data. 

Successful employee experiences are the foundation for improvements across other strategic areas. It is important to make your CEO prioritize working with the employee experience area and convince him/her that it is a good idea to spend time, money, and energy on generating the best employee experiences. 

2. put together aN ex team to improve your employee experiences 

When you have secured a buy-in from your CEO and the executive team and convinced them that it is a good idea to spend time, money and energy on generating the best employee experiences, it is time to find out who owns the EX area in your organization.

Ask yourself: Who owns EX? You might think that the answer is obvious. HR does. But managers and upper management own it, too. 

Guide: How to improve your Employee Experiences in year 1


3. make sure you have a vision for your employee experience

There is a variety of advantages to be had in creating a vision for the employee experience. It can guide everyday operational decisions and actions of managers and individual teams.

You will need to quickly develop a common image of the employee experience of the future that can serve as a unifying beacon for the whole organization and a means of orienting EX initiatives.

The vision sends an important message to all employees regarding what the organization is striving for from an employee experience perspective. So, if you do not have a vision for your employee experience, you might begin to consider what one could be for your organization.

If you already have a vision, does it meet the design criteria suggested in this step?

Download your guide here

With this guide you will learn how to create employee experiences that will make you stand out from your competitors.

This guide will help you break down this huge EX field into 8 steps that you can start practicing starting today if that is what you want. 

Download the guide here.

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