Quick Guide: 8 steps to successful Employee Experiences in year 1

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The quick guide “8 steps to successful Employee Experience in year 1” breaks down the huge Employee Experience field into 8 practical steps to follow in year 1.

Download now and start creating excellent employee experiences that differentiate your organization from your competitors.


This guide will help you break down the huge Employee Experience field into 8 practical steps that you can start using today. Up until now, transforming your Employee Experience may have seemed unmanageable, given the countless different areas where you could start – maybe you have kept a distance to the field all this time. That is why this guide is essential. 


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If you want (even more) satisfied and loyal employees in your organization, getting started with your Employee Experience (EX) transformation is a necessary first step. Transforming your EX is a journey that may never end but it will constantly bring your organization closer to mastering this function. 

This guide exclusively focuses on year 1 of your transformation. We hope that these 8 steps will make your work with EX more manageable.

8 steps to your successful EX transformation

To get off to a good start and generate the momentum you need, we recommend prioritizing the following 8 steps for year 1 of your EX transformation. With these 8 steps, you should be able to get the EX-ball rolling in your organization.

Once you have started your EX-transformation in year 1, the next natural step is to revitalize your sub-journeys – but that is an article for another time. Download the quick guide now and take the first step in your work with your Employee Experience. 

Please note that the quick guide is written in English. 



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