Product update: Work smarter and easier with your employee engagement

Author - Ennova

We are continuously working on improving our products based on customer feedback. Once again, we are now ready to introduce several different updates to our platform which will make the process of reporting, dialogue and follow-up simpler and more manageable for you and your team.

The new improvements to our platform are designed to help you, as a leader, as well as your team to gain a quick and dynamic overview of the results, while preparing you to facilitate the subsequent dialogue meeting with your team.

Below, you can find the three improvements that will have the biggest impact on improving insight and overview of your results and which we are proud to present.


1. Highlights 

The Highlights section is a new and intelligent way to identify important results for you and your team. What previously required great insight and experience to find, the platform can now find for you using an intelligent algorithm, which identifies the results that require particular attention.

For a team, this could, for instance, involve questions where there is great disagreement in the responses of the employees. This is a result that is important for you to know as a leader before facilitating the team dialogue. If you are a leader for several teams, the Highlights function can, for example, provide insight into major differences in the responses of men and women. The function thus saves you lots of time that you would previously have spent generating this overview yourself and interpreting and analyzing the results.


2. Focus Areas

Here, the team’s focus areas are presented in prioritized order based on whether the respective focus area has a high, medium, or low impact on team engagement. This function is a further development that targets the team’s focus on engagement. Focus Areas provide leaders with an indication of the areas that require the most/least attention right now, and hence which areas you should therefore prioritize first when working in the team.

Each focus area also includes a targeted reflection question, which you can use in your team dialogue and which promotes reflection on the specific focus area. Within the area “job content”, the reflection question might, for instance, be “What can we do so that you find your work even more interesting?”.


3.Next Step

We have also further developed the Next Step function. It provides useful advice and materials to ensure that you are equipped as best possible for a team dialogue meeting which may be difficult to facilitate.

With tangible advice from our experienced consultants directly on the platform, Next Step focuses on ensuring a good subsequent process for you, as the leader, and the team.

The advisory material under Next Step helps you gain insight into which process leads to the best dialogue and follow-up in your team, so as to generate better engagement. Among the things you can find here are results that can be shared with the team or materials that help employees in your team to reflect on the results.

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How we work with product development

Our approach for ongoing improvement of our engagement measurement is rooted in design thinking principles, which are based on achieving an in-depth understanding of the users and their needs. For this reason, we collect input for improvements from our end users on an ongoing basis, so as to understand the needs that our products should fulfill.

We have monitored user experience qualitatively, e.g. through interviews, as well as quantitatively, through the actual use of the platform. In combination with our general ambition, this user input is the foundation for the development of the platform so as to improve employee experience as much as possible.




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