Practicing Leadership Development with 360 feedback

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In today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape, practicing leadership development is crucial. One way of nurturing leadership skills in organizations is through 360 feedback. In this article, we will delve into the concept of 360 feedback for leadership development, its importance for leaders, and how you can initiate your journey towards more effective leadership.


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What is 360 feedback for leadership development?

Leadership 360 feedback, also known as “multisource feedback”, is a comprehensive evaluation process that collects inputs from various sources including peers, managers and even oneself.

The goal of this multisource process in relation to leadership development is to provide a holistic view of the individual’s leadership capabilities and performance. Put differently, the method paints a 360-degree portrait of your leadership and highlights both strengths and areas for improvement.


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Why is 360 feedback important for leaders?

Feedback is the key to success. Leadership 360 feedback holds great value for organizations and their leaders, and taking the approach comes with several benefits.

Firstly, the feedback method offers a holistic, nuanced understanding of leadership skills by showcasing how a leader is perceived by their team, their peers, and their superiors.

The constructive feedback from multiple sources can drive personal growth and development, helping leaders enhance their leadership style and effectiveness. The fact that the feedback is given anonymously also means that the leader will receive objective insights without bias and subjectivity.


What are examples of 360 leadership feedback?

360-degree feedback is supposed to be constructive, and it can include both positive and negative feedback. Here are some examples showing a few of the leadership development areas that can be addressed through your 360 feedback:

  • Management skills: How skilled is your leader at managing the team?

  • Communication skills: How do you assess the leader’s communication skills?

  • Work environment: How effective is the leader in facilitating a positive work environment?

  • Workload assessment: How well-balanced is the workload and time schedule?

These are just some of the areas that can be explored through 360 feedback on leadership.

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How to get started with 360 feedback for leaders

Implementing a 360 feedback process for your leaders is a strategic move toward fostering a culture of continuous improvement, employee listening, and constructive conversations. Here’s how you get started:

  1. Select the right tool: Finding the right tool is key. Choose a 360-degree feedback tool that is easy to set up and run, so you are ensured a seamless data collection process. You can also look for tools with the possibility of customizing questions to tailor the 360-feedback survey to your exact company-specific needs.

  2. Define the term “leadership”: Leadership is a broad term. To work with leadership development, it is important to clearly define what the term means to your organization. Which leadership competencies and behaviors do you want to assess in your leaders?

  3. Track growth and progress: Regularly review and track the progress of your leaders. The tracking will ensure a continuous focus on development.

This 3-step approach can serve as the basis for the implementation of 360-degree leadership feedback in your organization.


360 feedback is a gold mine for leadership development

In conclusion, 360-degree feedback is an invaluable resource for leaders and organizations looking to cultivate leadership skills and drive organizational success. Through a 360 feedback tool, you can empower your business to achieve its leadership development goals.

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