How to win the loyalty of your employees

Author - Katrine Holm Bendixen & Lise Garbus

Attracting and retaining your employees requires a decent, safe and inclusive workplace. Gain an overview of the most important points from two of the speakers at Denmark’s HR Conference 2022 and see what you can do to win the loyalty of your employees, so that they want to remain at your company. 

The year’s HR conference for 2022 explored the subject “This is how you win the loyalty of the employees”. All 5 speakers shared their experiences, latest data and their own practice and insights within inclusion, diversity, satisfaction, employees as a resource, a sustainable work environment, etc. 

Here, you can gain insight into the most important points from two of the year’s speakers: 

Linda Holmetoft, HR Director at DHL Aviation 
Listen how DHL Aviation works with the mantra “Putting People First” and which specific efforts and initiatives they implemented that led to high engagement and satisfaction for their employees.  




In 2021, DHL was named as Denmark’s best workplace for handling multi-cultural inclusion, and in 2022, DHL won the award of World’s Best Workplace.

In the video, Linda Holmetoft talks about DHL’s great and fundamental focus on creating extraordinarily good integration of employees with different cultural and religious backgrounds at work. At the same time, they have found the recipe for creating and maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction, and the company has determined a direct connection between retention and their employee satisfaction.   

Mikkel Severin, Executive Advisor in Emotional Intelligence & Mind Control expert
Learn the three steps that you can base your work on so as to turn emotional intelligence into a strategic priority and thus work towards generating better results than average companies.




According to Mikkel Severin, it is critical to focus on emotional intelligence a strategic priority if your company wants to be better than average and deliver extraordinary results, both within employee experience and the top and bottom lines.

The concept of emotional intelligence is about placing people first as the undisputed top priority at the company. Being emotionally intelligent means that you are capable of generating positive emotions for yourself and for those you interact with. It means that you can decode other people and act optimally and successfully on this basis.  


Katrine Holm Bendixen & Lise Garbus

Katrine Holm Bendixen & Lise Garbus

Katrine is Copy Writer and works with digital content creation to Ennova's digital platforms. Lise is UI/UX Designer & Art Director and responsible for video production in Ennova.