Behind Ennova

We empower organizations and leaders to improve the employee and customer experience through proven, concise, and engaging advisory.


Ennova is different by design from both SaaS-vendors and traditional survey vendors. How? We integrate survey excellence, data intelligence and behavioral design into our digital solutions. We support our clients with skilled consultants, who excel in project management and know what success looks like on all levels of your organization. And to secure change, our business psychologists offer a variety of onsite and online supported consulting services.

To remain your preferred partner, we continuously improve our services from working with the best global companies and by being at the forefront of industry megatrends. Honoring our Nordic heritage, every solution follows the principles of simple, functional design. This way we offer you the survey platform of tomorrow and provide the best advisory services around it.


It is vital to our approach, that succesful change grows from the bottom. Thus, we aim at empowering and engaging the local manager and team, so they take real action.

Behind the lines, an HR or Customer Excellence function is orchestrating the show. We make sure that these functions are getting the most out of their efforts and make them champions of the proces.

This is where it all happens and why the managers and the process owners are our heroes.


We empower our clients with +25 years of expertise through more than 100 business and IT professionals. On more than 300 projects each year, we act as your active partner with proactive sparring on all levels: Senior engagement managers support you on overall strategic level, guiding on trends, solutions and executive findings, and experienced project managers assist you on project level, support you in planning, decide on content, process, reporting and implementation.

In short, Ennova is all about employee and customer experience!



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