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Service Desk

On this page you can see how to act, if you experience a problem.

Below you can find response times, business hours etc. for different issues.

You can contact our support by email or phone.



A) Problems or defects* in the software

B) “How-to" questions – including:

  • During data collection: Resend of e-mail invitation, change of department, change of agent etc.
  • During Reporting in Dashboard: General questions on how to use functionality



A) Problems or defects in the software Monday – Friday: 8:00 to 17:00 Central European Time (CET)

B) ”How to” questions: Monday – Friday 8:00 to 17:00 Central European Time (CET)



Upon receipt of your issue, the team will strive to provide you with a case number, priority, and next steps as quickly as possible. Targeted time for acknowledgement for any case is 4 hours.
Any issues not resolved with the initial response will be investigated using the data provided. Below are the targeted response times for continued investigations.

A) Problems or defects in the software which will need inspection from IT developers


Priority 1

As critical errors are considered failures, which causes the whole or substantial parts of the EES to be unavailable, or that vital functionality does not work so that the EES is more or less useless and there is no work-arounds so that essential functions can be used.


2 hours

Priority 2

As non-critical errors are considered failures, which result in certain features and functionalities, that do not have vital importance for the use of the EES, is inaccessible, or that the response times in the EES as such causes significant inconvenience for the Customer, but where essential functionality however works.


12 hours

Priority 3

As trivial error is considered less important errors and discrepancies, which implies that the customer is experiencing minor inconveniences in daily use, e.g. non-essential functionality does not work as stated, including long response times on certain functionalities, but which does not prevent the normal use of the EES and its essential functionalities.


24 hours


B) ”How to” questions

All questions will be served through our Service Desk and will be handled within 2 hours + 4 hours for acknowledgement will mean all questions to be supported within a total of 6 hours.


*A defect is defined as a verifiable and reproducible software problem or user documentation error that causes a failure in the Ennova Survey Platform (EES)